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Chiropractic Care

mthoodchiro_02Manipulation, also known as an “adjustment” is one of the main tools that our doctors can use to provide relief for back, neck, and extremity pain. Joint pain in the spine is often the result of hypo-mobility (lack of mobility) in a joint or section of joints. This can be caused by lack of mobility in general as is the case when a patient does the majority of their work seated in front of a computer for hours each day.

There are other reasons for joint pain as well. Sometimes the joints of the spine can become chronically inflamed from repetitive motions. In other cases, an acute trauma can lock a joint down and prevent it from moving. On occasion, even a simple sneeze can cause acute back or neck pain.

However the injury is caused, joints of the body need to move the way they were designed to move. When they don’t, pain is a part of the clinical picture. Other consequences of limited joint movement can be lack of balance and coordination, muscle spasm, and/or poor sleeping patterns.

If you are nervous about chiropractic manipulation, and many people are, don’t let your fears keep you from seeking help. Our doctors are able to employ various methods to decrease your symptoms and they will tailor your treatment to your needs.