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Plantar FascIITIS VS FascIOSIS

Learn about the difference between two common conditions: plantar fasciitis and plantar fasciosis.

3 Hikes You Don’t Want to Miss!

Check out these hikes for some of the best views of the Columbia Gorge along with some of Oregon’s best

Cupping Therapy Now Offered!

Ashley Krieger, LMT describes the many applications and benefits of cupping therapy, a service now offered at our

Moving Towards a Healthy Back

Escape the cycle of disc injury by escaping poor movement patterns. Moving correctly will avoid putting undue stress on

What is an Independent Medical Exam (IME)?

Insurance companies have the ability to request an independent medical exam in a personal injury case.

Kinesiology Tape: Why We Use It

We use kinesiology tape to decrease pain, improve movement quality, and speed healing time.

DIY Kombucha

Cold and refreshing, full of probiotics, and a fraction of the sugar found in most drinks.

Hiking! (Without Knee Pain)

Beautiful spring weather invites us to explore the outdoors. Don’t let knee pain slow you down. These three tips will

Living With a Migraine

A summary of a lecture given by OHSU’s Headache Center director & neurologist Dr. Juliette Preston, M.D.

Three Tips to Prevent Shin Splints

Leave shin splints behind with these three tips.

To stretch, or not to stretch, that is the question…

There is a time and a place for stretching, but it’s important to understand why your body feels tight to begin

Things You Might Not Know About Car Insurance

Following a car accident, many people find themselves unaware of what exactly their car insurance policy covers. Our

Roll This, Not That: Tips for Foam Rolling

This week we will highlight some areas of the body that you should start foam rolling, and some that you should

Cross-Training the Thoracic Spine

Neck and shoulder function are greatly affected by the mobility (or lack of) in the thoracic spine.